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          Reasons for choosing Aluminum veneer as Curtain Wall

          來源:www.movie-mkv7.com 2019-09-18

          With the rapid development of national economy, people's living standard is getting higher and higher, people's aesthetic is also advancing by leaps and bounds, especially the requirements of buildings, nature also has a higher pursuit of modern building materials. The emergence of aluminum veneer has added color to the building decoration industry, more and more modern buildings have begun to use aluminum veneer as the main curtain wall material. So what are the reasons why people choose aluminum veneers as curtain walls? 

          1. The production of curtain wall aluminum veneer is not only simple, but also the installation step is simple. Using aluminum veneer as building decoration material, it can be arranged neatly, the interface is completely connected, and the appearance looks very smooth. In addition, there are many styles of aluminum veneer, such as wood grain aluminum veneer, stone grain aluminum veneer and aluminum honeycomb board, which provide people with more decorative choices. 

          Second, the aluminum used in aluminum veneer, its hardness is relatively low, and has a good metal ductility, can arbitrarily shape different shapes to meet the different needs of people. Moreover, the resources of aluminum have the characteristics of fast development, low cost, light quality and easy processing and grinding. Therefore, the use of aluminum veneer decoration after the effect will be very good. 

          Reasons for choosing Aluminum veneer as Curtain Wall. 

          Aluminum veneer has strong corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, can effectively resist ultraviolet light, and will not fade. Because the shape, thickness, color and size of aluminum veneer can be customized, the structural design will be more humanized, in addition to quality assurance, but also with fire, moisture and other attributes. 

          From the above three characteristics of aluminum veneer, we all know what is the main reason for using aluminum veneer as curtain wall material!