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          Channel cost rising wood grain aluminum veneer enterprises need to actively respond to the development

          來源:www.movie-mkv7.com 2019-09-18

          "now wood grain aluminum veneer industry competition is fierce, coupled with the diversification of marketing channels, channel costs continue to rise, we say the pressure is very great." The head of an enterprise said that with the rents of traditional channels and the operating costs of new stores rising sharply, the distribution channels of enterprises are facing the challenge of high costs. However, why do enterprises have the problem of rising channel costs, and how should wood grain aluminum veneer enterprises deal with it? 

          Facing the phenomenon of rising Channel cost in Enterprises. 

          In the eyes of the industry, there are two reasons for the rise in channel costs: first, the continuous increase in operating costs. According to the current situation of market development, with the increasing competition in the market, the workers of enterprises have become "hot". As we all know, the product is the lifeline of the enterprise, and the worker is the main body of the product. From the purchase of raw materials to the transformation into finished products, the role of workers can be said to be important, no workers means no products. In order to retain outstanding talents, enterprises also have to raise wages and commissions, which must lead to the continued rise of the hard cost of human resources in the operation of enterprise channels.

          Secondly, the disorderly expansion of hypermarkets is also an important factor leading to the increase of costs. at present, the number of stores in many cities is close to saturation, or even surplus, which not only increases the cost of opening stores for enterprises. If the store does not operate well, resulting in closure, enterprises have to bear high losses. Excessive expansion of stores, the layout in some cities is also unreasonable, resulting in a false prosperity, and these adverse consequences have to be borne by enterprises, the channel costs of enterprises naturally rise. 


          Enterprises need to actively respond to the demand for Development. 

          In this regard, in the control of channel costs, an expert believes that the rise of channel costs can not be ignored, enterprises should establish a perfect and effective cost management mechanism. 

          It is understood that in order to avoid brain drain and cause labor costs to rise, an enterprise pays special attention to the construction of corporate culture, hoping to retain talents by creating a good enterprise atmosphere. At the same time, also launched a series of employee welfare policies, so that employees feel the care of the enterprise. In addition, the enterprise also has a set of perfect staff management mechanism, often reward excellent employees, improve the enthusiasm and cohesion of employees. In addition, enterprises pay special attention to talent reserve, in order to pre-empt the talent reserve, pre-emptive use of human resources, enterprises to strengthen the relevant training of employees, improve staff literacy and skills. 

          On the other hand, for the phenomenon of over-expansion of the store, first of all, enterprises understand the local market situation and consumer demand to ensure the stability of sales. In addition, enterprises will also plan the distance between the stores to avoid excessive number of stores, resulting in a waste of resources and increased costs. Nowadays, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the channel cost of enterprises is also rising. In the face of this dilemma, enterprises in addition to establishing an effective cost control mechanism, but also combined with their own situation, adjust the relevant strategies, enhance their own strength, in order to go farther and farther in the industry. 

          Generally speaking, the profit of the enterprise is relatively declining, but the difficulty of survival and development of the enterprise is relatively increasing, which forces the managers of the enterprise to change the marketing strategy and constantly adjust the mechanism to make up for the impact of the high channel cost on the enterprise.