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          Internet + Storm attacks Guangdong Aluminum veneer Factory Enterprise Business Model upgrade

          來源:www.movie-mkv7.com 2019-09-25

          In the environment of rapid development of science and technology, Guangdong aluminum veneer manufacturers can only connect with the Internet thinking, provide consumers with the best quality experience, change the traditional business model, in order to break out the tight encirclement in the white-hot competition. 

          Value chain of Enterprise Operation of Guangdong Aluminum veneer Factory. 

          The value chain currently operated by traditional enterprises is: demand survey-R & D-procurement-manufacturing-marketing-channel construction / direct sales-after-sales service. There are some problems in demand survey, such as the limited number of samples collected, consumers' difficulty in tracing the source of materials, and so on. Because there are problems at the source, there are a large number of potential risks in the follow-up, even if there are well-known designers, advanced equipment, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect quality control measures, there will inevitably be homogeneity, even inferior quality products; There are long life cycle, many links, strong professionalism, long customer payment cycle, slow capital chain turnover and so on, which seriously restrict the development of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Many enterprises fall into the development bottleneck or even close down because of capital turnover. 

          Re-upgrading of the business model of the industry. 

          Through the analysis, verification and exploration of operation, market and Internet, the transaction market has developed a kind of saa mode application management software-AWORK, combined with automatic network marketing platform. All orders can be completed on the Internet. In order to obtain orders from all over the country; We can also use software to manage customers, orders, inventory, cost, production and approval and other links, all the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain together. This application platform not only improves the visibility of the enterprise, but also expands the business, and greatly reduces the marketing cost and labor cost of the enterprise. 


          Guangdong aluminum veneer factory. 

          Compared with the bidding of search engines, the platform also has incomparable advantages. All the major search engines search for matching seller resources through product name keywords, but in the industry, the classification is diversified, complex, specialized, with many specifications, many non-standards, many levels, many technical parameters, and the product positioning of enterprises is different. The purchasing raw material grade is different, the consumer demand is different, the choice material supplier is different.

          According to the top executives of the trading market, they have just launched a sharp tool to solve customer communication, material calculation, inspection and other communication problems very accurately. Through the combination of software and hardware to increase user stickiness. 

          Heroes come into being in troubled times. While the competition in the industry is white-hot, many small and medium-sized enterprises fall one by one in the competition. The market is in urgent need of a strong platform to save failing companies. And the transaction bazaar resolutely picked up the banner, from the platform to the management software, from the platform to the domestic and foreign markets, from the platform to the bank, from the platform to the offline supplier, from the platform to the offline information officer, from the platform to the logistics. All the layouts revolve around the customer, take the customer as the center, and form a closed loop. Such a strategy is like a big net, which can not only incubate a variety of profit models, but also derive greater business value through data mining. The service model of the trading bazaar will certainly cause strong repercussions in the industry. It will activate more information resources, and it is also a representative of Internet +. It helps the industry through the O2O model, and it is the connector between buyers and sellers. It could also expose traditional industries to a reshuffle. 

          At the moment of the continuous development of the times, the business model of the industry also needs to be constantly upgraded in order to match the development environment.