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          To improve the quality of after-sales service, wood grain Fangtong enterprises should pay attention to "word-of-mouth dissemination"

          來源:www.movie-mkv7.com 2019-09-25

          The development of wood grain Fangtong enterprise needs not only solid product quality as guarantee, but also excellent service quality. However, now some enterprises in the after-sales service is obviously inadequate, consumers are complaining. Wood grain Fangtong enterprises should pay more attention to products and sales, but the real test of the "industry conscience" is after-sales service. In fact, after-sales service is an aspect that can not be ignored, the quality of after-sales service to a large extent determines whether there will be "repeat customers". 

          Consumers' Independent Communication as a Brand Tree Image. 

          In fact, after the goods are sold, enterprises provide consumers with a variety of services, such as quality tracking, warranty, maintenance, and so on. In essence, they are also a means of promotion, and they can make use of people who have bought products. Or people who have used the product to influence other customers to buy the product. 


          Wood grain square pass. 

          The results of an empirical study show that 96% of consumers will not complain about poor service, but 90% of dissatisfied consumers will no longer buy the company's products and services, or tell at least nine people about their experiences. Another 13% of consumers who have had unsatisfactory experiences will tell more than 20 people about their experiences. In addition, the success rate of introducing potential customers is 15 times higher than that of training new customers, and the best source of development for new customers is to rely on the introduction of old customers. 

          This kind of customer communication plays a vital role in the cultivation and maintenance of the brand. Through this kind of "word-of-mouth propaganda", enterprises and dealers can reverse the prejudice of new customers to the brand, so as to establish a good corporate image. At the same time, customer communication can better communicate the feelings between enterprises and the public, and establish a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation. 

          Enterprises should pay attention to the quality of after-sales Service. 

          It can be seen that "high-quality after-sales service is the product of the brand economy". The price of famous brand products is on the high side, not only because the quality of the products is better than the general brand, but also includes the after-sales service and brand value. Good after-sales service is the best promotion before the next sales, is the main way to improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty, is an important way to establish corporate reputation and spread corporate image. 

          After-sales service is now the development of many enterprises, do not make up for this deficiency as soon as possible, I am afraid it is difficult for enterprises to achieve long-term development. What attracts the attention of consumers is not only the product quality, but also after-sales service. High-quality after-sales service can increase the bright spot for the sales of brand products and enhance the added value of the products.